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Long Range Antenna Kit for Lightbridge

Rated 5.00 out of 5
This kit is composed by 2 antennas for the ground unit, one directional (half sphere helix 2.4ghz 9dBi), the other omni-directional 1.7dBi. Also there are 2 antenans for the Bird side unit, with direct plug-in cables for the 2 black omni directional antennas (pinwheel antennas 1.7dBi). These should be installed on the bird 90 degrees one for the other. If installing this on a Phantom  2 we have a perfect antenna mount for  the 2 bird side antennas here These  Circular polarized antennas will provide more than double stock distanced but most importantly they will allow to keep image delay to a minimum due to verry high data bandwidth even when flying far from the Home location.