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This kit is based on FPVLR Half Sphere Helix V3, orginally designed by Donato Marcantonio at FPVLR and constantly improved. with 10dBi gain, and true circular polarization these are hard to beat. They will destroy not only linear polarized kits , but ¬†when amplified they are the only kind of antennas that eliminate cross-talk and provide cleaner video at incredible distances. Now they are individually tuned and with connector installed directly to the ground plane, they are compact, sturdy and unbeatable in every respect. Treat your DJI Mavic to the best antenna money can buy. Quick tip for the novices: You will see several attempted copies of this antenna around the web, some will claim they use "SILVER" as their winding material and promise magic. This said, don't be fooled by snake oil. Those antennas do not use a matching network and they are not well matched to 2.4ghz, also "SILVER" has better conductivity than copper which does nothing for the antenna, it just gives higher bandwidth, which is actually bad for this antenna. Once the waves leaver the copper , or silver, or steel antenna the waves have to travel in the"aether"... silver does nothing for propagation of radio waves. This antenna is already extremely wide band as it is. The only reason why the copy-cat people are using silver coated copper is that so they don't have to scrape enamel on the copper wire at the bottom for the soldering job and they can do that faster without enamel coating. Be smart! Use the best and DO compare ours with any other copies out there.  

* Now Available!* DJI MAVIC PRO 8dBi Long Range antenna

Rated 5.00 out of 5
*SHIPS on November 27th 2016* Kit includes 2. u.fl to rp-sma female pigtail cables 2 8dBi yagi antennas, tuned to